Our Company Info...
iVRTours was established to meet the needs of Real Estate professionals while maintaining a highly user friendly culture.

In developing of our services, we sought to provide our clients a means to capture the imaginations of their consumers through our first class professional photography, as well as, our highly user friendly environment.

Although there were many approaches available to create a service such as ours, we found that calling upon the individual strengths of our team, as well as, leveraging our team's 25+ years industry experience provided us with all the tools to make the best choice. This is why our aim is to maintain an elegantly simple and highly user friendly environment for our clients.

Please continue to browse our website and learn more or simply give us a call. We'll be glad to help!

iVRTours Head Office:
455 Danforth Avenue Suite 433
Toronto ON M4K 1P1

Telephone: (416)913-5000
Client Services Center: csc@ivrtours.com

Please feel free to contact our team with any questions, comments or suggestion you may have.

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